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Long time no write😫 Have been kind of very busy with work and I was very much contemplating on what to write when this up👆🏽 finally hit me. First of all Shonda Rhimes is like my Beyonce if you get it😅. There are not enough words to describe the simplicity and awesomeness of that lady.... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game😏

I think this is one of the worst character traits that our ancestors passed on to us "The Blame Game". Right from our childhood, we are taught about colonialism and it being the cause of our undeveloped country state like if it didn't happen we would have been better. But seeing how we work I... Continue Reading →

Worthy Enough Part 2

For this other part of my serie worthy enough, I want to talk about Friendship 🤞 Who do you call a Friend? I think that the word "friend" has greatly been over used and wrongly used as years go by. I asked my mum some days ago who does she consider as a friend and... Continue Reading →

Worthy Enough! Part 1

Worth.... that's a word that I think the human race has over used😏. We have quantitisize love and made it measurable base on society's criteria.🤦. For me it has been a great struggle and a lot of pain. The concept of being worthy starts right from our homes where you're worth is measured by your... Continue Reading →

I love me,yes I do but it took me quite a long time to finally see that. I think exactly 15yrs. Growing up I was thought to be contented with what I had and make good use of it. I think this lesson was a 2 sided thing and my parents did their best for... Continue Reading →


#thoughts#self-discipline#awareness Gosh that concept is so not easy to attain😥 especially when you are a young University student. After Highschool graduation all you could think about is "finally am free to do whatever the hell I want to do😝" but after some few months in University I discovered that it's NEVER the case. When I... Continue Reading →

The Bigger Picture.

What's at the end of the line? What is the end goal? What's the bigger picture? I started asking myself these questions when I was a freshman in University facing the dilemmas of life such as discipline, finance and relationships. My whole life, amean for the 19 years I have been on earth, I was... Continue Reading →

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