Day 5: A place you would live, but have never visited.

Seychelles is definitely my dream place that I have never visited before.

When you here Seychelles just close your eyes and imagine beautiful blue waters, islands with lush tropical vegetation, silver-white beaches and clear lagoons. Summarily it’s the Eden Garden on earth to me.

About Seychelles

This paradise on earth is made up mainly of 2 islands found in the Indian Ocean with neighbors such as Kenya and Madagascar. The country is known for its beautiful relief, climate and various attractions as follows;

  • Unique plant species such as screw pines and the famous “the coco mer The coco de mer which is found on only two islands produces a fruit that is one of the largest and heaviest known and is valued by a number of Asian cultures for believed aphrodisiac, medicinal, mystic, and other properties.
  • Some rare species of animals such as Secheylles tree frog and Aldabra gaint tortoise.
  • Diversification of Seychelles culture due to the different people who settled over the years .
  • Seychelles fun and enriching festivals such as the Seychelles ocean festival which involves photographic competitions, school events, diving and snorkeling.
  • On another side,Seychelles’ cuisine reflects hues of flavours of France,Africa, India and Europe

Truth be told am not a travel blogger and can’t perfectly describe how amazing this place is but it’s worth the try with it being the most famous destination honeymoon. So if you are planning to get married and dint know where to put those honeymoon bags💵💵, just Google “Seychelles “. (Fun fact; You dont even need a Visa to visit)

If you are looking for a travel buddy for Seychelles or round the world, I am definitely your person 🙋🏾‍♀️

See you tomorrow,

Xoxo, Simsss💋

Day 4: Ten interesting Facts about Yourself.

They say the best way to know about oneself is to ask the people aroundus how they see us. This is not the case in every scenario but it still counts nonetheless. To be honest, I won’t be able to do this without contributions from the people who matter to me. I cannot guarantee how interesting my facts will be, but I will definitely serve facts about myself.

  1. I am called Simo Tadjuidje Georges Duamelle. Yep you guessed right, those are all masculine names. Basically I grew up being asked questions like -“Did your parents know you were a girl before naming you?”🤦🏾‍♀️ – “Were they expecting a boy?” (Obviously they did echography 😩)-“Are those your real names?” And my best part is when am called “Mr. Simo Georges” either at the bank or schools or hospitals or any official place. I am always asked to show my ID to make sure the name matches the face. It always makes me smile though.
  2. I am a francophone. My parents are equally francophones having done the francophone educational system. Most people however think I am an Anglophone. ❌Spoiler alert ❌ I just happened to be doing the Anglo-Saxon educational system which I eventually fell in love with the English so here am I perfectly bilingual. ( this is one of the things my mum loves most about me😊)
  3. Am an introvert practicing how to be UNAPOLOGETIC.
  4. I need several weeks/months to again approximately 5kg but conversely less than 5 days to lose them. A blessing in disguise I call it. Am basically always kind of skinny.
  5. My dada is undoubtably the best and I can’t thank him enough for building up my passion for books right from childhood. I read when am happy, sad, angry, depressed and any other possible feeling. Reading is my safe place.💟
  6. I love programming and for a beginner am pretty good at it. From time to time I write and run programs for web designing.However Boni (my elder brother) believes I can do much more and am really gifted for a beginner.
  7. I love travelling and visiting new places. Verene I can’t wait for our Cameroon trip.

That’s all I could come up with for now. If you know any interesting fact about me, I will be thrilled to hear about it in the comment section or whichever platform of your choice. Till then stay safe.❤



Day 3: My 1st Kiss/ Love

This post is going to be a lil bit long, I apologise in advanced.
I recommend you download mine by Drake ft Beyonce and play while reading this little piece of my life.😊

My first kiss. Yeah that’s the prompt i am writting and sharing with you guys today. It’s very much personal and I rarely talk about my love life on any social platform so here it goes.

Well what can I say? At the peak of puberty I felt so courageous that I gave my first kiss to my crush….

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?
Fresh out of a single sex boarding school, I decided to try out my elder brother’s mixed school against my parents choice, but who cares I was young and at the peak of puberty.

Fast forward to some few weeks after school reopening, I noticed this guy firstly because he smelled heavenly, 😍oh yes he did have that subtle woody aromatic scent that lingered even after he just bypasses me😩. I noticed how he was simple and was rarely in accordance with what people considered normal or funny or the usual that boys at that time did. A girl was intrigued. But I couldn’t reach out you know, a girl had a sets of rules and values she couldn’t betray even for his cute face.

Eventually the guy heard about my former school and one faithful afternoon he approached me, took the empty seat next to me. I didn’t notice his presence at first because I was busy journaling my thoughts about how I could survive high school until that subtle aromatic woody smell hit my nose.

I turned to the sit next to me and he greeted me followed by some questions about my previous boarding school and then it turned that i schooled in the same previous boarding school as his sister. Perfect coincidence for me. From there we started talking about anything and everything and time always seemed to be running when we were together.

From there I can say my high school became much more interesting mainly because I always looked forward to seeing him in class every day. It felt like one of those highschool RomCom and honestly I loved it. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾When we couldn’t talk the whole day we had this little notes that we passed to each other with sweat words everyday without our names written on it but just our initials “GT”.( P.S: he eventually bought me a school pullover with those initials on it. And that was one of the sweetest things he did back then.)

Fast forward to some months into this our blissful friendship/ crushing on each other, on a sunny afternoon I received one of the sweetest love declaration letters from him💌, ahggg that letter made my day and damnn he was good with words😩. My heart was doing a jolly dance from afternoon to evening. For the rest of the day he avoided me but when I saw him that evening I couldn’t hold my emotions and it turns out my lips too from him.😅 So before going to our different dorms I kissed him, turned around and went without saying a word. (P.S: it was a dry kiss!). Right up till date I don’t know where I got that courage to do that or it was just the fact that being around him brought out the savage/courageous girl in me.🤣 LOL. Well that’s it for the first kiss but I like to think of this one as the unofficial one😂😂
The real one (wet kiss) happened like in one of those pretty woman movies.

Shall we.

Our school back then organised annually in March what was commonly known as “Matter Run” which involves climbing the various hills and subsequently reaching the top of the mountain. So after that unofficial kiss we didn’t kiss again and decided not to talk about it ever again and we were doing pretty well at it. For that event we decided to go together and I decided to make a lil picnic bag for us.
On the d-day we went together and starting climbing and it was just like in movies where the hot guy helps his lady all along the climb. We reached the top at some time before sunset and God knows it was beautiful. The wind was gentle, the sun rays were gentle, and it was just perfect.

I set up a place for us to sit and eat some snacks. While eating I questioned him about that love letter for the first time after weeks after reception. He looked at me and said “I love you, that’s all I can say” and that was the phrases which brought butterflies to my belly. The next thing I did was trying to help him clean the cookies crumps from his lips and then bammm I just kissed him, he pulled me closer and I deepened the kiss.

It was perfect and I couldn’t have dreamed of anything like his perfect soft lips, his gentle touch and beautiful eyes which couldn’t hide how he fell….
To be continued…..

Xoxo, Simss💋

See you tomorrow for another ride✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽


Hey, how are you?😄

I guess locked up at home against your will for now but I believe it’s best for your own safety. ✌🏽So you don’t have any more excuse to not keep reading this post 😝😝…

It’s been ages since I haven’t had a proper conversation with you guys here and am deeply sorry about it😫, nothing personal okay. Just I and detangling the mess upstairs in my brain🤔…so far we are in baby steps stage but arrrgghh enough of me .

To some extent I believe this pandemic is a colossal slap from the universe causing us to face our “real” realities and deal with them. Thank you Universe, we needed this unknowingly.👏🏾👏🏾

Apart from the futile online distractions that we might have throughout the day, you will finally have that time (unwanted or not) to be alone with your inner self (whether surrounded by family or not) and examine your life.

  • Is this the real me?
  • Do I love this person I see in the mirror?
  • Am I happy (not instagram fake happy or pretentious happy fake ass life) truly happy?
  • Am I where I wanted and wish to be?
  • Am I a good friend/sister/brother/mother/father slash so much more…?

Well other than these self-reflecting and inner growth therapy I think you should set daily objectives or to do list in order to keep your spirit high and be on track for your long-term objectives without losing sight of your goal.

It doesn’t need to huge, rather keep it simple like:
⚠️Read a chapter of a book that you’ve always wanted to per day (PS: I have a lot of recommendations for any type)

⚠️Try a new cooking recipe or update the old one

⚠️Make home DIY simple décor for room
⚠️Skin care routine and meditation

My personal advice is to discipline your time on screen and social media in order to reconnect with yourself in this alone time.
Stay Home and Be Safe.✌🏽
Prevention is better than cure✅

Love …


I Give Up….

On Thinking That The Universe

Owes Me Something

That Life Has To Be Fair

On People Who Drain My Energy

And Leave Me Void

On Toxic People

On Heartbreaks

On Broken Trust

On Failed Friendships

And Relationships

On Feeling Abandoned

On Being Resentful

On Being Constantly Frustrated and Angry

But I Most Importantly Give Up On

Fake Smiles

Fake Happiness

Fake “I am fine”

Cause I Am Not

But Eventually Will Be…





- Pardonnez moi si j'écris des lapalissades, c'est que je suis en train de (re)découvrir la vie -

sprinkle of thoughts

"So many thoughts yet so little words. Lets figure out life together."