Day 9: A fruit you Dislike and Why?

Hi, am happy to see you here again. On today’s edition of 30 days writing challenge, the topic is; a fruit I dislike and why?.First of all it is worth noting that fruits are good for our health and wellbeing. Like they say in most TV commercials “Consomme au moins cinq fruit et légumes par jour“.When it comes to fruits, Cameroon is rather blessed with soils which grow a variety of fruits (some exotic fruits too). I am a fruit lover and I find it very difficult to point out a fruit I dislike overall. Certainly I have favorites. Below are some of them with their benefits.

At the top of my list, mighty Pineapple stands with its beautiful crown. This fruit stole my heart at first taste! Its rough outside but sweet inside with a sweet soft juice from its flesh. I literally eat this fruit almost everyday.Some of its benefits include;* It contains diseases fighting antioxidants.* Its Enzymes can ease digestion.* It boost your immune system.Pineapple is closely followed by the juicy Watermelon. This round baby with its red juicy flesh inside is my ride or die especially during sunny hot days. Some of its advantages include;*Helps keep your body hydrated.*May improved heart health.*Good for skin and hair.*Increases blood flow to sexual organs (Guys take note!)Least but not the last, my day one buddy Avocado commonly referred to as pear here in Cameroon.I love of the different types but the ones with the buttery texture is my best. Although most of the calories in an Avocado comes from fat, dont shy away!*It is healthy for the heart and great vision.*Furthermore it lowers the risk of depression. Reason why most people from Mbouda (West Region of Cameroon) are known for their “Never give up” standards a.k.a most likely not to be depressed. In sum eat more Avocado for healthy life!

To wrap it all up, Safou commonly referred as Plums is one of my best fruit crush.

This beautiful seasonal fruit with a strong flesh but eaten most of the time after being cooked, boiled or braised is soft and irresistible. Almost all the junctions in most towns of the country have a sales point for safou which is mostly accompanied by roasted plantains or roasted maize. In terms of health benefits, it plays a vital role in improving skin texture.

Thats all for me for today.Tell me about your favorite fruits or the ones you dislike.



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